The dog's old age

Maintenance and cares: Dogs under men's care reach regularly an older age than their relatives living free, the wolves nevertheless, they are not eternal. The dog gets old and someday will die. But there are many ways to make their old age happy and to delay the end as much as possible. The dog still expects when old, the usual dose of love and sympathy, though he is not as active as in his younger days. The spiritual atrophy is in dogs faster than that of the body; needs in this field cannot be compensated by other means.

It's important to detect on time his diseases, so the specialist has time to act. We will give you some suggestions. The following checking list will give you some ideas to take care of his health in his old age. The vet will examine carefully these organs and organic systems, and will treat the frequent affections that disturb him.

Important: Alimentation is important. It must be balanced, without inducing to obesity. Prepared food is made according to the needs of old dogs and avoiding deficiencies. Some delicacy is allowed, if adequate for dogs, and avoiding this becoming the only food.

Checking list for aging dogs

Organ or organic system

Possible diseases


Tartar, moving teeth



Perianal glands

Inflammation, constipation


Insufficient deterioration





Locomotors system

Rheum, arthritis

Female dog: Teats




Male dog: Prepuce


Canine, gonorrhea

Increase of size

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