Find a Dog Specialist

Small animal's general vet knows all about medicine, in opposition to his colleagues in human medicine. He can practice major and minor surgery, internal affections are the most frequent, and he helps in delivery and many other things. However, there are cases, when a determined vet has developed a special interest and he has become an expert in that field.

Canine clinic: At present, apart from university clinics, there are, in many countries, lots of veterinary clinics that, usually, attend small animals and horses. These clinics have a great advantage; you can leave your dog there and pick up him, cured, after some time. So you don't have to worry about dirties, uneasiness and other things. After a surgery, the animal will be treated with infusions, hot lamps and other techniques, you can't afford at home. This is vital in case of major surgery. All these apart, your dog will receive better cares at home, because apart from love he will have to face nostalgia in a strange environment.

The official dog vet: Is a public official and has his work schedule at a veterinary department, going out, for instance, to inform about an alleged hydrophobic dog. Has no consult but examines the quality of alimentary products, is responsible for animal protection, and is always alert to fight against epidemic diseases. So, he is the only one responsible (and not the veterinary with private consult) in cases of hydrophobic menace. Any suspicion of contagious disease must be informed to him, who will decide measures to be taken-

Important: In the vet department you'll be informed kindly about rules to bring or taking out animals from the country.

Dog experts: kennel associations, old breeders and other people with a long relation with dogs are self consider experts, and it's fair. You should listen their advices. Nevertheless, you have to search for good experts, which are harder to find than good veterinarians. The reason is simple: any vet has dedicated his life to animal's therapy. Over this basis, he gets abundant experience in veterinary practice. This fundament is what an expert lacks. We will recognize a good expert when he is conscious of his limitations.

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