Toxoplasmosis symptom & treatment

According to recent data, we know toxoplasmosis is not transmitted from dogs to persons. This disease caused by a unicellular parasite produces malformation in human fetus; also children are at peril. Toxoplasmosis is transmitted to persons only through cats or by eating crude meat. In dogs, this disease is almost never discovered, and rarely causes serious developments. There is no vaccine that really seems not necessary. If you go to the vet, take with you the vaccine certificate, to verify if vaccines administrated to your dog are enough.

Parvovirus (feline infection): Parvovirus is a relatively new canine disease. Usually is known as "feline infection".

Really it is a similar virus, but not identical, to the pathogen agent of a cat's disease called pan leucopenia.

Puppies die very quickly when affected due to inflammation of heart's muscle. They are in great danger when the pathogen agent is in their environment. In adults symptoms are continuous vomits, and then sanguinolent white color diarrheas. Besides dogs is dull and lacking appetite. Cure perspectives are few, even in cases of specialized therapy. Preventive vaccination has proved effective, and is recommendable to breeders and young dog's owners. In adult animals, its use is up to you. Follow your vet's advice. If you notice parvovirus cases at his consult, ask for a vaccine. Nevertheless, don't get frightened! Diarrheas are frequent and natural in dogs. That doesn't means we have a parvovirus case always.

Important: Transmission is from dog to dog or through persons having the virus. Dogs can't get infected from cats or vice versa.

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