Tumors in internal Dog organs

At the beginning of this chapter, I said tumors are frequent in dogs. I referred to skin and teat's tumors, which you can touch easily. Besides, as in humans, there can be tumor alterations in internal organs as lungs, stomach, intestine and others. However they are, fortunately rare. Suspicion will arise when the dog gets thin, and no other cause can be finding. An exact diagnostic is delicate, so leave it to the vet. It's hard to decide, and there is no general rule, if it's convenient to operate these kinds of tumors.

Urinary organs affections: These affections are very frequent in dogs. However, they are not difficult to treat. Unfortunately, is not easy for everybody to detect the existence of one of these diseases.

Nephritis: In nephritis, that can have an acute or chronic manifestation, the animal will look, more or less, ill. Temperature may be high, and the dog will have no appetite, and in serious cases will vomit.

Sometimes we'll get surprised, and at the beginning we will not understand why the patient looks for fresh places to rest. Only a urine analysis will give us a clear idea of his health. Getting the urine is not simple, because when we want to get it in a container, the dog will get scare and will stop doing it. Nevertheless, there is a trick to get it: tie a clean glass to a stick and take the dog for a walk tied to a leash. When he raises his leg, place the glass swiftly, and receive the urine.

A suggestion: For dogs with chronic nephritis there is an excellent diet as unique food. Your vet wills advice you.

Important: Think that acute renal inflammation is easy to cure, while the chronic is hard to beat. Therefore, once home remedies fail (heat application, abundant liquid), go to the vet.

Cystitis: Cystitis is produced almost always by a cold, it's extremely painful. Urine is expelled frequently in small amounts and moaning. It could have blood spots or even could be mixed with it. No matter the pain, cystitis is less dangerous than nephritis. To start, the dog must drink lots of water. Heat additionally relieves pain. If he doesn't get better quickly, only the vet will cure him.

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