Fresno Dog Boarding

Here in our Fresno dog boarding facility we believe that understanding dog instincts is one key to begin able to better care for them. Little puppies for example instinctively lick their mother's mouths. Even though domesticated dogs rarely regurgitate their food to give it to their puppies, their ancestors used to take food to their homes in their stomach and would then give it to their puppies when the puppies asked. Little puppies also do this to humans when they jump up and try to lick at our face. If the owner of a puppy gives the puppy a treat or food after doing this, it will turn into a bad habit. Dogs have been endowed with big strong and powerful jaws and teeth that can cause serious lesions, and because of this, they have developed certain type of body language to show their feelings and intentions. Dogs frequently use these signs to show us their feelings, but many times humans do not understand or are not aware of how to respond to them because we do not always know what they are trying to say, or worse yet, we interpret them the wrong way. Yawning is something that dogs do when they do not feel comfortable in a determined situation. A dog that does this could be in conflict with himself, trying to decide if he should back off or move forward, or he can be trying to communicate to his owner that he does not feel happy. Dogs often times yawn when people look at them and call them by their names. Human beings make the mistake of thinking they are tired and they do not understand that it actually means a completely different thing. Whenever a dog feels uneasy or unstable he sticks out his tongue and moves it rapidly. Dogs will usually lick their mouths or simply stick their tongue out and then put it back in their mouth very quickly. Even when a dog is in a docile position, he may still do this to show that he is not as relaxed as you may think.

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