Kalamazoo Dog Boarding

Helping dogs become house trained is not always easy but it is something that we in the Kalamazoo dog boarding facility believe we can offer to dog owners. One of the prime elements to getting your puppy on a schedule is controlling when your puppy is given food and water. Whatever you put into your puppy is going to come out and quickly. Puppies should not be given free access to food and water in their crates. If you want your puppy to get onto a schedule of potty runs then you must also make sure that he is on solid eating schedule. When you know when your puppy is eating and drinking you will be able to time your trips outside more effectively. Dogs with constant access to food and water will eat and drink whenever they feel like it. With older dogs this is not as much a problem but with puppies this is disastrous for their house breaking training. Feed your puppy at approximately the same times every day and don't leave water out during the day and night. A puppy of seven to twelve weeks should eat three times a day. Place his food bowl down and after ten minutes remove it with any remaining contents until his next scheduled meal time. The puppy should be given fresh clean water at least five scheduled times a day. Do not give the puppy any more water two hours before bedtime. Take him for a potty run and then crate him without water. A very young puppy will also need one potty run during the night. With problem puppies you might have to restrict their water intake. Be sure to inform your vet if your puppy is having urinary problems, as these problems could be indicators of more serious things. If your puppy is healthy but having problems controlling himself, only give him water right before you take him outside. If your dog is bed wetting at night try withholding water three hours before crating him for the night.

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