Omaha Dog Kennel

The Beagle is just one of the many breeds of dogs we take care of and kennel here in our local Omaha dog kennel. The history of the Beagle is clouded. The original form probably came with the Celts, although certainly crossing with types such as the hounds of Artois or others created this modern breed. Throughout the world, dogs are requisitioned by sporting enthusiasts to be hunted individually or in small packs for squirrel, rabbit and hare, and Beagles are particularly suited for this task. During the days of King Henry VIII and his daughter, Elizabeth I, Beagles were sometimes wire-haired. They were also very small, often diminutive enough to be carried to the field in the pocket of a hunt coat. Hounds of the Beagle sort were brought into the States throughout the Colonial period, but type varied until further imports from England arrived in the 1880s and 1890s. The Beagle's ability to drill a trail and work the rabbit back around to the waiting hunter has contributed to his demand as a hunting companion. But his small size and happy personality have also been a factor. Needing little grooming, they are easy to maintain and are wonderful playmates for children. This breed is chosen for this heart-rending but medically pertinent task due to its easygoing personality and its adaptability to kennel or pack life, as well as its overall sturdiness. Laboratories traditionally use Beagles in research of diseases, medicines and other medical matters. Large colonies are bred for this purpose, often with certain specific characteristics or proclivities, such as to cancers. This last bit of information always makes me sad, especially when we have Beagles staying over at our Omaha dog kennel but it also makes me happy that I can take care of them.

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