Sarasota Dog Boarding

When I got my new puppy I took him to a Sarasota dog boarding facility to have him crate trained. What I learned is that by keeping a chart near your puppy's crate you can stay on top of when your puppy was last walked and what he did. This also allows members of your family to help out with the big job of housebreaking your dog. Learning when your puppy needs to go is another way to avoid accidents and most puppies will sniff the ground and walk around in circles when they feel the urge. Helping your dog to become house trained can be very time consuming and tiresome but by using the techniques we have talked about you can over time have a happy and well broken house dog. By taking your puppy to the same spot in the yard every time you walk him you will help him understand what he needs to do and where. Puppies in between seven and twelve weeks need to be taken outside hourly. Keep him on the leash, lead him to the predetermined spot and only stay there for a few minutes. If you give your puppy to much freedom in the yard he will simply become interested in something else completely forgetting why he went outside in the first place. If he takes care of business in the right spot reinforce this behavior with a treat. If he doesn't go while out, just put him back in the crate and take him out again in fifteen or twenty minutes. Here is where the chart becomes indispensable.

Between twelve and sixteen weeks your puppy can wait longer between garden visits. By consulting your chart you should be able to figure out how long he can last. The chart will also help you to know when it is that your puppy has trouble times during the day and needs extra attention. If your chart shows that you are not making progress then sit down and analyze why and what you can do to rectify the problems.

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