Tucson Dog Boarding

Before I started my Tucson dog boarding facility I didn't understand all that much about dogs and their uniqueness. One thing that is very important for all mammals is to maintain their body temperature at an adequate one. The thermal receptors that are spread around a dog's body allow the dog to know when it is getting too cold or when it is getting too hot, which therefore tell the dog he needs to take action in cooling down or heating up. Just like humans, dogs love lying in the sun to get warm and just like humans they can also get sunburned so watch out. Another thing they also enjoy finding is a shady spot to freshen off in. Excessively hot or cold weather can be very dangerous and cause a lot of problems to a dog. Because of this factor, it is very important we put a lot of emphasis on this point to ensure the dogs safety. Dogs with long coats are the ones that have more problems cooling down on hot days. People selectively bred thick-coated breeds, and usually in places and countries where it was to the advantage of the dog because it protected them from the cold weather, however, a lot of these dogs have now been brought into warmer climates and we are responsible of ensuring they do not overheat. These types of dogs will often times lay in cool areas with cool breezes to help keep their bodies fresh. A dog that has a black coat warms up quicker in the sun than those that have white or brown coats. Often times, you will be able to notice how dogs sit under a tree on a sunny day to keep fresh. If a dog does not keep fresh, the temperature of his body would increase too quickly and it could cause him to become dehydrated. Remaining inactive also avoids a dog's body from overheating and just like humans; dogs get lazier when the weather is hot. Be sure to always provide fresh clean water to your dog, and even more so when the weather is hot.

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