Blocking technique by remote control

The objective of this technique is to avoid the dog from becoming affected to what is called the yoyo affect. The yoyo effect consists of a certain conduct that has been seen in some dogs that makes the dogs go right back to their trainer after having roamed a certain distance, and this kind of turns makes the dog have a type of mental inertia. This type of conduct can turn into a very big problem for the search and rescue work because it can interfere with the essential elements and initiative on the dog's part of continuing with the search.

What to do to resolve this problem: This type of problem is first seen when a dog casually goes back to its trainer, generally during the development of a daily walk.

Basic steps: In these types of cases the trainer will have to minimize calling out to the dog. This type of problem is usually due to the fact that the trainer constantly calls on the dog to come. When it does happen, the trainer will have to avoid reinforcing it by not stimulating the dog or showing any type of affection or playing with the dog etc.

Progressive autonomy technique through the mannequin effect: The objective of this is to get the dog to disassociate the trainer or guide as a possible element of support that it can turn to; this will need to be done in a progressive way: First you will need to work on the dog's level of autonomy and concentration while in a search. The dog will need to have a positive reinforcement to the contrast of the attitudes of the trainer such as barking when it has found a person and remain in place. The dog needs to learn to remain in the same spot it has found the victim.

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