Dog Stimulus

The dog must learn to have the capacity to respond in the same way to different stimulus while facing different stimulus that present some similarities, this is why it is important it generalizes the different sights of debris and human odors. As the dog goes learning all of these techniques, the trainer will have to little by little go increasing the distance he lets the dog off the leash. The dog will need to be emotionally motivated so that it wants to search out for people once it smells the molecules of a human body, which will then guide it to the person that is hiding in this case.

The trainer must be able to indicate the following:

  • The appropriate and suitable debris filled zone.
  • The location of the hiding place.
  • And the place where the dog will be let off the leash to go search.

The dog will need to go habituating itself to searching for buried people. For this to happen successfully, you must progressively reduce the possibility of existing traces in the terrain you are going to be practicing in, making sure there are no signs or signals that would make the dog link the localization area. The dog must learn and master smelling and locating odors in order to successfully find a person that is buried under debris. The people that are going to be walking in the debris filled area to dig and bury the helper will need to use an established entrance and exit of the debris filled area. The place the dog is let off the leash must always be in the opposite side of the established entrance and exit area. Another thing that would be a good idea is to predetermine the terrain and know exactly where the debris is going to placed using discretion. If the dog that is searching starts to guide itself in the same place another dog did previously, it will be necessary to intervene and methodically shift the times the dogs are searching.

It has been observed that in some cases when the dogs presented certain changes in their behaviors, especially in the case of male dogs such as lack of energy, concentration, increased salivation etc, that it could be due to the hormones that had been left by a female dog in heat in another place or moment. In these cases this type of problem can prolong itself to that of a few weeks. When this happens, the dog will need to be taken off of the training and not be required to engage in any type of psychic labor. The hiding place used to train the dog must only be used once by the same dog. The dog must not be recriminated to the debris filled zone. Doing this will prevent, amongst other things, the possibility that that specific zone turns into an inhibiting stimulus for the dog.

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