Emergency notice

An emergency notice can come from different places such as an emergency control center, firemen, police, citizens, etc. The data that will need to be gathered is as follows:

  • The type of disaster.
  • Place and approximate time of the happening.
  • Approximate number of people trapped inside the building.
  • Affected area in the case of a catastrophe.
  • Possible ways of access.
  • Means of available transportation.

Centralization and transfer of the units: The operation will start out by a quick notification, communicating all of the essential data of the disaster zone and agreeing on the most adequate meeting place depending on the circumstances such as if they need to get together in the airport, the actual disaster zone etc. This information will be notified to:

  • The Unit Leaders
  • Rescue Guides
  • Police, Firemen
  • Personnel to put up on site toilets etc.

When these types of catastrophes occur it is very fundamental for the rescue units to have a helicopter at disposition permanently.

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