SAR Dog fainting

The most important thing to do if your SAR dog faints is to keep it lying on its side with its head slightly lower than the rest of its body. This way the blood can easily flow to it brain. Once it has recovered you can give it some black tea or coffee to drink. Consult your veterinarian, informing them of what transpired before the fainting spell and immediately after.

Dog burns: In general all burns should be treated first and foremost with cold water. Cold water not only helps to alleviate the pain of a burn but also helps to lessen the damaging affects of the burn. When you can submerge the affected areas in cold water but if not at least bathe the burn with cold water or cold water compresses but never use ice. SAR dog burn victims will need large amounts of water. It is best to give them the water in small amounts and you can mix it with sugar to increase its remedial value or give them cold sweetened tea also. Never give a dog that is unconscious or semi-conscious anything to eat or drink as there is the risk of them choking or vomiting and then breathing into their lungs the food, drink or vomit. Cover any serious burns with clean gauze bandages to prevent infection. Do not apply any creams or other pharmaceutical products until after first consulting with your veterinarian. Do not pop or drain any blisters that may have formed as a result of the burn. Without acting impulsively call the veterinarian or take the SAR dog to the closest animal emergency clinic.

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