Water rescue dogs

The first idea of using dogs to assist in water rescue was thought up by a prefect of the police in Paris. His idea was to use a group of Newfoundland's dogs to complete the services of the newly created water brigade.

However, after a certain amount of time, the dogs were taken off this job because the natural abilities of the dogs were trusted far too much and they were not adequately trained for the job.

At present, the countries with the most outstanding water search and rescue dogs are France and Italy.

The best and most disciplined types of breeds used for this job are: Newfoundland's, Landseers, and Leon Bergers.

The incredible thing about these types of dogs is that besides having a great ability to learn and their passion for the water, they can also develop the necessary strength to pull because they have special webbed paws that served as oars as well as oily outer coats that are able to retain bubbles of air, allowing them to float easily and it also protects them from the water and the cold.

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