Dog Website Directory

The odds are that if you are reading this page, you are a dog person-perhaps someone with a mild liking for pooches, perhaps a fanatic, but still someone with an interest in mankind's closest symbiont. Dogs come in every size and shape, from tiny, tubby chaps who are best suited to a warm lap and a comfortable apartment, to rangy, rugged souls who are at their happiest herding sheep in the middle of a blizzard or dashing through a marsh to retrieve a downed duck.

Because of the complexity of the relationship between humans and dogs-which is far more complicated than that between humans and cats-there is a vast range of topics on which you might need information at one time or another, either to apply directly to your pet, or to see if you want to pursue it in the future with a prospective pooch.

At the most basic level, there is the direct interaction between a dog and a human-the social aspect, you might say. Dogs are usually friendly beasts if they haven't been brutalized, and they are excellent companions and reliable friends, who care nothing for your income, status, appearance, or fortunes in the world. Being with you is what makes them happy, and this aspect of the dog can even be therapeutic; their buoyancy, optimism, and unquestioning fidelity lift up the heart and inspire the soul.

Caring for dogs is a complex subject in itself, especially since different breeds have different requirements. Mutts typically aren't any healthier than purebred dogs, urban legend notwithstanding-in fact, they sometimes suffer all the breed specific ailments from all of their background kin. You need to find the correct diet for your dog (since all breeds are fairly susceptible to food allergies), balance it with supplements if needed, and give your dog proper water supply, shelter, and sometimes even clothing in cold weather.

Health matters need to be attended to, whether these consist of grooming your dog's coat to keep it free of tangles and remove any attached ticks or burrs, clipping nails, brushing your dog's teeth so they don't decay, or getting vaccinations and treatments at the veterinarian's office. This is especially crucial when you have a new puppy and need to get a series of vaccinations in quick succession, in order to protect their new and vulnerable systems from the ills of an infectious world.

Finally, there are the adventures you can have with your dog-training them for the amazing stunts of dog agility, taking them to judged shows which are a mix of obedience show and canine beauty contest, and so on. These often require very exacting specifications, and you need plenty of information if you are to compete successfully. Alternatively, you may be planning to use your dog as a working dog or as a companion while hunting. Whatever your interest in dogs, from the superficial to the profound, you will find plenty of useful links and a lot of intriguing reading material here.