For every dog who is a couch potato by nature, there are five others who like nothing better than to stretch their length into a furry streak of speed, dodge around obstacles, leap over high objects, and generally have fun romping around and savoring their physical vigor.

Dogs tend to be an enthusiastically physical lot, unlike cats, and love tumbling around, interacting with the world, and generally giving their muscles (and anyone else they can persuade to get involved) a good workout.

People have noted this, and thus the sport of dog agility was born. Since dogs are such ready and willing athletes as it is, a whole range of activities have sprung up centered around training dogs to carry out all kinds of feats of agility, and the competition between these talented pooches and their dedicated owners and trainers. Countless hours of study, training, and careful honing go into the magnificent stunts of agility that bring applause from audiences and prizes from judges.

Dog agility has many facets, and there are websites dealing with nearly every one of these. Some sites give an overview of agility and the ideas behind it, perhaps with a sampling of some agility champions and their accomplishments to breathe life into the subject.

Dog agility involves large amounts of intensive training, and this category includes any websites that deal primarily with the highly focused – and highly developed – matter of agility training. Hints and tips on successful training, the websites of training organizations and those associations who maintain agility standards, and directories of trainers are all to be found here.

Dog agility clubs and societies, which let members mingle with like-minded people and pick up the latest techniques and news, are also appropriate for here. Websites dealing with agility classes, agility training, and dog sports are all located in this directory category, too.

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