Dogs are photogenic – often enviably so, in the eyes of many people. Usually without the need for a combing, even, regardless of the time or place, they are ready to stand up in front of the camera and have their picture taken, whether it’s a proud study of a mastiff on guard, an Irish setter in elegant dishabille, or a rambunctious terrier in the midst of some kind of play.

The reason, of course, is that dogs are never self-conscious in front of the camera, as humans too often are – so they are, of course, relaxed, natural, and looking their best despite the lens pointed at them by an eager human photographer. The history of dog art and dog graphics extends far back past the days of the camera, as well – there are statues and paintings of dogs from as long ago as Egypt of the Pharaohs, and European art frequently features the canine form from the medieval period onwards.

People like the imagery of dogs, as they like that of many other familiar, well-liked animals. Both adults and kids are reminded of favorite pets and such qualities as faithfulness and good nature when they see the picture of a dog. Distributing and sharing dog art has become easier than ever before, thanks to the swift worldwide spread of the Internet.

This section of the directory is dedicated to websites that feature dogs primarily in art or graphics. Nearly every website on dogs has some dog pictures, but the sites here are those where illustration is the main purpose of the site. Whether the pictures are collections of funny “animal situations,” studies of championship breeding lines, clip art from famous artists, or galleries of dog paintings, or the like, here is where they fit in. (Actual comic strips and cartoons belong in the Dog Humor section, however.)

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