Many people like to recognize excellence, popularity, or other measures that distinguish something from similar. Some do so just because they want to find the best, or at least the interesting or good, when they want something. For example, consumer ratings and reviews of automobiles allow us to pick out a car that will meet our needs – the fastest, the safest, the most fuel-efficient, or whatever particular quality we are looking for.

Other people are interested in the competition itself – in finding and appreciating the best examples of some art, creative process, or brainstorming session. This a somewhat more vague goal than just finding the best thing to use or buy, but appreciation of something well-made is as old as humanity itself, and seems to be one of our many defining traits.

There are now so many sites about dogs on the Internet – ranging from small, one-man operations that blog the amusing antics of someone’s favorite pets, to the massive professional websites maintained by large organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC) – that it’s possible to pick and choose between them, rating them against each other and ranking them qualitatively.

This section of the directory is dedicated to listing the dog award websites – those sites that exist mostly or entirely to rate other dog-related websites and give the rest of us an idea which are the most popular or the most well-made and worth seeking out. There are a lot of different ways in which dog websites can be rated – the most informative in different topics (the most informative dog health site, the most informative dog agility site, etc.), the most fun to visit, even the most attractive.

If there is a website that rates dog websites – whether in a specific, narrow category or in general – then you are likely to find it listed here.

Dog Website Directory