Dog owners enjoy having their pooches with them much of the time – dogs are good company, after all, amiable, amusing, and never plaguing us with political diatribes, judgmental comments, or the sullen moods which our fellow man is all too apt to heap on us in a disregardful way when all we want to do is relax. Dogs are appropriate companions winter or summer, in any season or weather, and regardless of our mood.

However, there are moments when a dog is inconvenient, even impossible, to have with us. When you’re planning a skiing vacation, going for several days of special medical treatment, preparing for a business trip, and the like, there are some spots and occasions where man’s best friend cannot accompany you, no matter how good their intentions.

Responsible owners don’t want to just lock an animal up alone with a supply of food and water during such a period – there is too much risk of injury, sickness, or death, not to mention an unspeakable mess. Fortunately, there’s a ready solution in the form of dog boarding and sitting.

Dog boarding websites belong in this part of the directory – those that either give information about real, specific dog boarding services (such as lists of contact information for boarding providers), or that mainly describe how to choose a good dog boarding service, with articles advising what kind of features to look for and what kind of problems to avoid. How-to websites on the way to start providing a dog boarding service are also appropriate for here.

Dog sitting, the related service which involves watching animals at their home for a short period of time (often just a day or two), is another topic for websites and links found here, both from the perspective of those who want to buy the services of the sitter and those who are looking to develop the skills and professionalism needed to offer dog sitting service to other people.

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