Although this directory is meant to cover nearly every kind of doggy activity, information, and matter that is currently available on the Internet, there is no one site that can claim to feature every last link, website, blog, and message board on the subject.

New sites are constantly being added as people obey the urge to express themselves, or discover a niche in the infinite kaleidoscope of information that has never yet been explored, or at least not in the way they envision. This is a good thing, but it means that popular topics can never be contained in a single directory.

People are very interested in dogs – indeed, you might say that humans and dogs have been symbiotic creatures for thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands, of years. You cannot go to any corner of the inhabited world without encountering pooches, ranging from sleek, well-groomed, magnificently-cared-for specimens of all the major and minor breeds to scruffy mutts scavenging in third world countries. As such, it’s not surprising that dogs should have a large and vigorous Internet presence, either.

This directory category is meant for links to other dog directories. These directories can be more specialized – in other words, not every dog directory listed here needs to be as far-ranging and comprehensive as this one.

A directory dealing with a specific breed, or a family of breeds (hunting hounds, for example, or long-haired terriers; molossers, perhaps including the dwarf types; etc) belongs here as much as general one, as does a directory that doesn’t focus on a single breed but rather on a specific topic – canine health, different kinds of dog shows (amateur, professional, American, European, Asian, etc.), or dog food product websites, to name but a few possible instances. These directories can help you find more specific, focused information as well, and this is the place for them to be listed.

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