Dogs are vigorous creatures, full of bounce and life, ready to wag an enthusiastic tail, chase a Frisbee almost endlessly, chase around the house in the company of giggling children, and engage in a whole range of other doggy activities that very openly declare their good-natured relish for being alive.

At the same time, though, anyone who has owned a dog knows that there is a good reason for the phrase “sick as a dog” – when the health of one of our canine friends fails, they are not just sick, they are usually totally prostrate, miserable, and in great need of whatever help we can give – including, of course, plenty of extra attention.

The topic of dog health is a complicated one, especially since the body of a dog doesn’t work quite the same as our own. For example, we never start throwing up for no apparent reason and suddenly get a desperate craving to eat grass and then throw it up again. Most dog illnesses can’t be caught by people, just as dogs are immune to most people illnesses, and require their own treatments, medications, and vaccinations.

You want the best for your pets, of course, and part of that is ensuring that they get the right hygiene, health care, and preventive measures, both so that they hopefully won’t get sick in the first place and so that they can make a full and fast recover when they do become ill.

The websites covering dog health include those that give veterinary information – listings and possibly ratings of vets in some regions. Other sites give data on such matters as external parasites like fleas and ticks, and the ways to remove them from your pets if they are unlucky enough to get infested with them. Dog vaccine news, information on dog diseases and their prevention, the health aspects of dog diet, and many other matters are also covered by the sites here.

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