Except perhaps in the heart of the most cushion-loving Chihuahua or Pekingese, there is a bit of the lust to wander, explore, and generally get into good-natured mischief in the soul of every dog. Dashing around outside looking for scents, sloshing through wet grass or mud on the trail of some appealing odor or small, fleeing animal, exploring the local garbage bins with a few good pals, perhaps rolling on something with an intriguing smell – these are all things that most dogs like to indulge in once in a while.

Of course, all these fun activities – which so often result in a big grin and a wagging tail – also tend to make a dog untidy and perhaps malodorous. There is always a moment when a dog needs a wash, and on other occasions, even when the dog isn’t dirty, we want them to look their best, with gleaming, silky, well-brushed fur. Some breeds, like poodles, don’t look right to their owners unless they have a proper cut as well.

The websites in this directory category are those which relate to groomers and grooming techniques. Websites which describe grooming supplies – especially if they aren’t purely commercial, but deal with practical advice on how to use the supplies – can be found here. Guides on how to pick a good dog groomer, listings of professional groomers, and websites about groomer education are equally appropriate.

Dog grooming sites can take other forms, as well. There are websites which describe how to carry out high-quality dog grooming at home, with advice on how to keep your pooch not only hygienic but more fetching and attractive, too. Sites about trimming dog hair, giving poodles and other breeds fancy cuts, and the like, are part of the grooming genre, but sites mainly about external parasites (fleas, ticks, and so on) belong in the Dog Education and Health section.

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