Some dogs actually have a sense of humor – especially some of the small, clever ones who enjoy playing the occasional trick on other pets or on their owners. The antics of dogs are often funny and amusing even when they aren’t trying to be playful, and when they are romping around in a sportive mood, then everyone nearby is likely to have fun whether they get involved or just watch the pure, untroubled joy of some pooches having a good time.

People enjoy humor as well. Whether it provokes a gentle smile or a belly laugh, a joke, a cartoon, or a ridiculous story can help us relax, forget the cares of everyday life, and refresh our minds pleasantly. There can be a social aspect to humor – telling one another jokes is a great way to put people at ease with each other and make a fun, lighthearted mood in general. Or we can just enjoy a chuckle on our own.

It’s only natural for people who like dogs to like dog humor, too. Dogs are good-natured creatures and there’s plenty of material for a good laugh in their habits, behavior, and nature. They have a lot of habits that are strange to human eyes in any case – such as sniffing each other’s posteriors in greeting – and these are ready-made for jokes about these beings.

Alternatively, jokes about dogs can be used to get a laugh at the expense of people. There are a lot of different ways that a website can include dog humor in it, because there are so many possible ways to crack a joke, ranging from the very simple to the very elaborate.

Some websites here may feature collections of one-shot dog-related cartoons, or may be focused on the ongoing adventures of a single comic strip dog. Others might feature one-liners about dogs, funny stories about dogs, or punning tales about the canine race. Some might even be collections of humorous dog video clips, or funny pictures of dog antics that people have managed to catch on film.

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