Nature, unfortunately, was not generous with the lifespan of dogs. A few breeds such as pugs live for a long stretch, but most breeds live for far too brief a span for such excellent and life-loving animals. Dogs are often as individual and quirky as human beings, with their own unique habits, likes, and dislikes, and dog owners very often form strong attachments to their pets, as is only natural, since the dogs reciprocate with unconditional affection and fidelity that is deeply touching to the human heart.
Although it is our hope that the sad day is delayed as long as possible in every case, there eventually comes a day when our pets fall into the sleep which, as Shakespeare puts it, is “deep indeed.” On that day, it is natural for us to feel deep grief and mourning for a being which has given itself to us so totally, and which we are now unable to save from the mortality we also share.

Honoring and remembering the dead is a way to keep them alive in our lives, however, and there are many ways for dog owners to commemorate the wonderful times that they have had with their favorite pets even after they have passed on to their eternal reward. In time, these come to serve as reminders of the happy things that we shared with these pets and all the unforgettable moments they provided us with.

Pet memorials come in many forms. There are actual grave markers which can be inscribed with names, dates, and messages, as well as plaques and other lasting reminders. Some people can furnish you with poetry or pictures – sometimes combining the two – to make a touching, fitting memorial to a noble animal. The Internet also has grieving resources which will help you cope with the death of a beloved pet.

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