Even in the world of dogs, there are some websites out there which are, in the vernacular, “really out there.” These quirky, strange dog websites explore the stranger aspects not only of dogs, but in the human mind’s perception of reality. The websites here range from the mildly eccentric all the way through the genuinely bizarre – although as usual, there should be no sites except those that are legal and family-friendly.

Anything offbeat and dog related is appropriate for this category, including parks themed around dogs, the occasional restaurant made to resemble a French bulldog, sites that gather collections of odd dog videos, the sites of unusual performing dogs, and weird dog picture sites are just a few instances of what might be featured in this category. Online games involving dogs – usually simple ones along the lines of the “kitten catapult” game that was popular at the university when the author was attending – could also fall into this category. If it’s about dogs, and is strange, then it likely should be listed under this heading.

The online Vintage and Collectible Dog Jewelry Museum is one of the interesting sites in this category. The canine form wrought into jewelry – from Dachshund pins to brooches featuring the wrinkly features of bulldogs – is explored in an intriguing collection of several hundred online photographs.

The website of the American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog is an excellent example of miscellaneous dog websites. This website reveals not only that all kinds of dog art are on display at this Missouri establishment, but that the museum welcomes canine visitors as readily as human ones. This is the museum’s “Fido Friendly Visitation Policy”, including dog exercise trails, water and dog treat snacks, and the like – proof that there are plenty of amusing dog-related websites out there waiting for you to discover them.

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