Bringing the morning newspaper with a bright eye and a wag of the tail is a ritual that countless thousands of helpful dogs have enjoyed as one of their ways to participate in the life of the family – so there is perhaps a bit of symbolism in the fact that the electronic superhighway of the Internet can now waft newsletters and online magazines about dogs to our inbox without needing to go to the step to get them.

Newsletters and e-zines are a great way to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the world of dogs. Whether their content is extremely serious – descriptions of the latest breakthroughs in veterinary medicine, for example, or up to the minute details about the latest pet food recall after some dangerous Chinese chemical has been found infesting it – or lighthearted – tips on how to get your dogs and kids playing happily together, or jokes and cartoons about the dog world – or anything in between, newsletters give you some regular reading material to look forward to and let you keep in touch with the actions and thoughts of other people interested in dogs.

Although all of the newsletters and electronic magazines linked here have to do with dogs, there is no other limitation on them other than that they should be legal and in good taste.

Newsletters about veterinary medicine developments are appropriate here, as are those describing the doings of a local kennel club. Online periodicals and mailings dealing with dog shows in every way – from general hints and news about what judges are looking for this year, to detailed listings of individual events – are also apt.
Some newsletters are informal, with chatty pieces contributed by readers, while others are slickly professional. Dog newsletters and electronic magazines may be aimed at younger dog fans too, giving them the chance to explore one of their favorite topics on the Internet.

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