Not every relationship between a human and a dog begins with the pooch as a freshly-weaned puppy. In some cases, adoption of an older dog also leads to a long and fruitful friendship, and you can do a good deed as well as gain a faithful companion. The many dog Rescue organizations that now exist are an excellent way for abused, neglected, or simply unwanted dogs to find a new home.

Many of these beasts are fine, upstanding dogs who have had a turn of ill fortune – as just one example, the best dog the author has ever owned was adopted at the age of four years after being rescued from an abusive family who were in the midst of a vicious divorce. Simply because a dog comes from Rescue doesn’t meant that they don’t have excellent qualities and plenty of love to share with you.

There are a lot of different dog rescue sites that might appear on this page of the dog website directory. Regional rescues may serve a specific state of the United States, a shire in England, in so on. There could be statewide rescue programs, Rescues which deal with a group of counties or even a major metropolitan area, or a Rescue for a whole region.

Furthermore, Rescue sites can be organized by breed, as well. For example, if breed population is fairly low overall, it may be best to have a central clearinghouse for the whole nation where rescue dogs can be found, so that widely scattered enthusiasts can find the pooch who is right for them. One example is the French Bulldog Rescue – although these wrinkled, intelligent dogs are great companions, few people know about them, so their rescue needs a very broad area.

Websites which deal with how to find and choose rescue dogs are also found in this category.

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