As anyone who is fortunate enough to own – or to be owned by – a dog knows, there are many rewards to be reaped from a canine presence in your household. Some dogs, of course, are diligent watchdogs, while many more tend to sleep through anything short of an airstrike, a placid smile on their face while delivery men pound on the door or obnoxious youths stampede across the lawn.

Fortunately, there are many other advantages to a dog besides their somewhat dubious watching abilities – they are amusing, loving companions who accept us exactly as we are with no reservations, and who brighten our days in several different ways.

However, as all dog owners know, our pooches also generate a lot of questions, and situations arise that we need to know how to deal with. In this case, online resources are very helpful for giving us an edge in dealing with these doggy situations – resources which this site places at your fingertips.

The links here relate to general information about dogs – what they are like, guides to the many breeds which make up the canine species, and so on. Once you’ve decided what kind of dog you are most interested in, you may also want to get in contact with people who breed these animals, and for this reason, there are also sites for finding puppies on this page.

There are plenty of ways to communicate with other people who share your interest in dogs as well. Online message boards and forums are often a good way to get specific questions answered quickly, and if they are active and properly moderated, you can often pick up a lot of useful information there (although, as always, a critical eye is needed to winnow the wheat from the chaff). The Dog Resources category also includes live chat rooms.

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