Compared to the needs of a human being, the shopping needs of a dog are fairly small and simple. Nevertheless, they exist, and since most people don’t have the time or skill needed to fashion collars, dog beds, food dishes, harnesses, cold weather jackets, leashes, and the like for their pooches, there is a good-sized industry dedicated to supplying people with the dog items that they need to keep their dog properly fed, clothed, and accessorized.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different things to be bought for dogs, ranging from the basic and essential – such as food, including special diets for those dogs who have allergies, or for those who want their dogs to have a good diet that will give them a longer life – to the obscure or optional – such as special squeak toys, decorator collars, and so on.

There are websites selling everything that you could possibly need to care for your dog, including food, toys, collars, clothing, bark collars, transportation crates, harnesses, leashes, dishes, bedding, warning lights to keep dogs who work at night safe, and many other items.

Besides shopping websites for dog items, there are also websites allowing you to shop for items for dog owners as well. Everything from amusing posters with funny pictures of dogs on them, to hand-crafted wooden signs declaring dog ownership or such inspiring messages as “try to be the person your dog thinks you are” can be found on the web.

Bumper stickers, custom-printed photographic calendars featuring pictures of your pooch, t-shirts with dog slogans on them, or pictures of various breeds of dogs, books about dogs, knick-knacks like mugs and key chains, even dog Halloween costumes can all be found somewhere on the Internet. These items are not used by dogs, but they delight dog owners, and they are included in this category as well, where you can come to satisfy your urge for dog shopping.

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