There are many different reasons for wanting to train a dog. Many people want just a few basic commands to keep their dog safe when they are out and about – being able to call your dog to you when a vehicle is approaching, or telling them to heel on a busy sidewalk, not only makes you a better dog owner but keeps your animal safer and healthier, too.

Other dogs are trained intensively for work, and achieve impressive levels of coordination with their owner or handler. Hunting dogs can be trained to obey hand signals, moving and maneuvering to flush game, find shot quarry in difficult terrain, or the like. Security dogs are trained for combat, to detect bombs or illegal substances by scent, and inform their handlers of this. Some dogs have the grim job of finding cadavers for the police.

Most famous of all are the dogs who help handicapped people get through their lives every day, providing both immense aid and plenty of canine companionship as well. Seeing-eye dogs are only the start – nowadays, there are dogs who can go to the refrigerator and get specific items out for the wheelchair-bound, open the door for guests, or go to the local store to pick up some groceries, paying with a pouch of money at their collar and returning home with the bag.

Dog training websites found in this category focus on the training itself. Some sites give you useful tips and even detailed instructions for carrying out training at home, so that you can give your faithful hound some basic obedience training in your own livingroom or yard. Others are the sites of famous training classes. Yet others provide directories of training services that you can use to find a trainer in your area, or advice on how to find a trainer who fits your needs.

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