No matter how comprehensive the categories that are found in a website directory, there are always some websites that just don’t seem to fit in everywhere. This is as true for dog websites as for anything else. Although most dog topics are easy to classify and fit in somewhere else in the scheme of things, there are always a few oddballs that defy classification – or sites that include so many different things that placing them in any one category wouldn’t make sense.

If a dog topic seems almost to fit into another category, but doesn’t quite, then it can be listed both in that category and here, so that those looking for specific information and those just browsing around can both happen upon it. This category increases the exposure of obscure sites that merit a bit more attention than they would otherwise receive.

Websites describing board, card, or computer games centered around dogs would fit into this category, for example – these would hardly fit in with any other doggy topic than this. Dog websites that are so chaotic and unfocused that they don’t slot logically into other categories would also be appropriate here.

Obscure knowledge sites about dogs, which are mainly meant for intellectual interest rather than any practical application, would also fit in here. For example, a description of extinct Ice Age dog species might be fascinating for a dog enthusiast to read, but it hardly belongs in a category meant for modern breeds!

Similarly, a website about the use of hunting dogs and war dogs in the medieval period would be very interesting to read, but it has no practical application to hunting with dogs or making use of security dogs nowadays, so it doesn’t belong in the dog training section. Such sites are best left to this category as well.

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