For as long as humans and dogs have carried on their symbiosis, far back into the distant mists of the time before recorded history, they have worked together in many different ways. Humans and dogs probably formed their partnership on the hunting field, cooperating in the slaying of game which clan and pack then shared. Dogs have been frequent human hunting companions over the thousands of years since then, up to the present day, but there are many other working and service roles that these faithful canine allies perform as well.

Dogs have been used in war, with massive armored mastiffs being used in the medieval and Renaissance periods in many hundreds, and more recently as well. Dozens of breeds have been created specifically to help with herding domestic animals, a role which only now is slowly being supplanted by automated systems. Airport security, drug and cadaver dogs, and many others assist the guardians of public safety as well.

Noblest of all are the service dogs who help people who are unable to help themselves – the crippled and maimed, who need assistance to carry out the daily round of life. These furry beings display an amazing range of talents in helping their owners with complex tasks, including moving, getting food, and keeping their houses and lives in working order.

Websites relating to working and service dogs are as varied and numerous as the different tasks that dogs can help people carry out. Some sites are resources letting those who need a service dog to help them find the precise pooch that they need. Pages describing how working and service dogs are trained, directories that list some of the many categories of dog-assisted work, and the webpages of organizations dedicated to working and service dog training and theory all belong here.

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