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The other day someone was asking me what I thought of Atlanta veterinarians and I responded that, while I couldn't speak for all of them, I held them in high regard. The reason for this is that while living in Atlanta I had a very traumatic experience involving my dog.
At the time I had a beautiful and lively Border Collie named Rex. Now this guy wasn't the most intelligent of all dogs but he was very friendly, outgoing and loyal to a fault. His main problem was that he was feisty and just wanted to fight any dog that came his way. Because he was spayed he would be just as aggressive with female dogs as other male ones.
Anyway one day I was walking Rex and he spotted another dog across the street. I didn't see the danger and so continued walking but Rex just lit out across the street to challenge the other dog. As he was running across the street he was hit by a moving vehicle. What a horrific moment that was for me. Here I was walking calmly along with my dog beside me, the next moment I hear screeching tires and a thud and when I look up it's my dog under a car. Well I ran out into the road and thankfully Rex hadn't been killed but he was doing very badly. I was able to pick him up and carry him to the side of the road. I would not have normally done this as carrying an animal that has been hit can cause even further internal damage but he was hit during peak hour traffic and a very busy road.
When I got him to a local Atlanta veterinarian clinic, they were really great and patched him up very well.

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