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A holistic veterinarian gave me some cool information about alternative pets. Here is some of it. Chinese Silky Chickens are an unusual breed of chicken that looks very soft and fluffy. Silkies are popular pet because they have a very mild temperament. They're affectionate, tame, quiet and happy to be handled. However, they are different from other chickens in a couple of important ways. Chinese Silkies can't fly because they have no barbs on their wings, so you need to build them a good chook house that offers them good protection from predators (such as cats, foxes, etc) and the weather. They also can't swim. Water doesn't run off their wing feathers, so they can drown in waterways such as duck ponds and swimming or wading pools. You need to be careful about that too. Chinese Silkies come in two different types - bearded and non-bearded - and several different colours, including white, black, grey and blue. Other chickens have four toes on each foot but Silkies have five, and birds that are bred for exhibitions must have feathers on their middle toe. Regular nail trims are recommended for Silkies and owners can also trim the feathers over their eyes, as these tend to hang down and block their vision.

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