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Anyone looking to find a veterinarian here in the Albany New York area because they want to get spiders or insects for pets should first ask themselves some questions. The first step would be to check with local, county and state government agencies regarding legality. There may be regulations in some areas. Also find out about the care (housing, environment, diet) needed for the pet you are considering. While many insects and spider pets are inexpensive to obtain, providing the right environment can be tricky for some species, especially for the more exotic tarantulas. As a general rule, you want to mimic their natural environment as much as possible. Find out what is needed for food and consider if you can provide the proper diet. For example, hissing cockroaches are easy to feed, whereas stick insects need fresh vegetation and tarantulas need prey insects. Will you be able to provide and be comfortable feeding the necessary items? Find out about the life span. Most insect pets are pretty short lived, but some tarantulas can live for 20-30 years (and females are much longer lived than males). Find out how to properly handle the pet. While this obvious for venomous animals, it is very important for all insects and arachnids as improper handling can injure them. Discover from a reputable source, the exact species of insect or spider and if it is venomous. Keep in mind that even a mildly venomous tarantula can cause a great deal of pain, and tarantulas have special hairs on their abdomen which they shed if threatened and which can be extremely irritating (and dangerous if they get in the eyes). Ask your local Albany New York veterinarian about bites as well. If you are getting a tarantula, make sure you find out how best to avoid bites, but also how to deal with bites if they should happen, and what to do if exposed to their irritating hairs.

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