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When people come to my Allentown Pennsylvania veterinarian clinic looking to buy a pet rabbit I usually give them the following information. When you buy a rabbit, make sure it looks healthy overall and is not too aggressive. Do not confuse shyness with a bad rabbit. Bunnies take time to get used to people; so don't expect it to act like a little puppy! Check the bunnies' teeth to make sure they don't look too long, because that can cause a problem down the road, where the rabbit's teeth grow so long they can't even eat. In general, and there are exceptions, male rabbits make better pets, so I highly suggest getting a male, as they just have better temperaments and aren't as moody. There are about 45 breeds of rabbits, ranging from two pounders to twenty pounders, lop ears to up ears, and skittish to mellow. Normally, smaller rabbits, and the shyer and more skittish, are not good choices for a child's pet. Rabbits can be fed a mainstay diet of pellets bought at most grocery or feed stores. But their diet should be constantly supplemented with hays, alfalfa, fruits, and vegetables. They love to eat most things, but just don't go overboard, and remember, a fat rabbit isn't necessarily a happy rabbit!
This is the most important part of having a great pet. It's easy, spend time with them, be patient, hold them, pet them, talk to them, anything to get them used to and liking human company. You'll be greatly rewarded! You can even take your Bunny for daily walks using a dog harness; although I caution new bunny owners to be careful in public places. Bunnies can spook easily, so base where you take your rabbit on your rabbit's personality and shyness.

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