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Visiting a Baltimore veterinarian clinic with my wife we learned some very interesting information about neutering dogs. Why neuter a dog? When they reach sexual maturity, which for canines is much faster than for humans, they can begin reproducing. When this is what the owner wants great, but for many it only means trouble. A neutered dog has some advantages for pet owners other than just the fact that it can't breed. For example a male dog that is sexually active can be very aggressive to not only strangers but also people that he is familiar with. But when the dog is neutered it becomes easier to handle, more docile and therefore safer as the instinct or need to dominate the competition is taken away. They are also much less likely to fight with other dogs. There are some draw backs to neutering dogs such as weight gain but over all most people prefer to have them neutered. I do agree that neutering a dog is better than having unwanted puppies out on the streets or having to be put down because no one wants them.
Many times the local government has special programs and they will neuter your dog for free. As they have recognized the advantage of having the local dogs neutered, rather than having to invest money and man power in rounding up and putting down unwanted dogs later.
This is a decision that you shouldn't take lightly. If you have questions regarding the local laws or just about the procedure in general just ask your local Baltimore veterinarian. Whatever you decided remember that neutering your dog is a permanent process so once you make the decision and make the trip to the veterinarian you cannot undo the alteration to your pet.

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