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I have been working with a couple here in our Boston veterinarian clinic. This couple has two dogs, a female Doberman and a mixed male. Their problem is that their dogs have an obsession with their living room couches. This couple has a real problem because their dogs live inside their house and have taken over the couches as their own. It isn't that they don't let other people onto the couches; it is just that they are always on them. Their dogs are normally very friendly and outgoing but the effect of them being on the couches all of the time is unmistakable. The couches are always hairy, dirty looking and smell to the high heavens. The apartment where our friends live is on the ground floor and there isn't much air flow and in the winter when they close all the windows there is even less. When you enter into their apartment after a while the smell from the couches almost knocks you over. They feel embarrassed about the smell and often don't invite people over to their place for this very reason. What I suggested to them is that they invest in some furniture pet repellant. I know that online there are some pet accessory suppliers that offer this product and while having it shipped could also be a problem the result of doing nothing is far worse. For now our friends are covering the couches with blankets which they remove for guests but it still doesn't fix the smell problem. This is a common problem for people in our area since here in Boston our weather isn't exactly mild during the winter. So many people come to our veterinarian clinic looking for help.

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