Veterinarian Clinic -Veterinary

One time I tried to get a job working in a veterinarian clinic but it didn't quite work out the way that I had hoped. I had just arrived in a new town and was searching for work, so I bought the local paper with a classifieds section. I have always enjoyed working with animals and not only grew up on a farm but also had plenty of pets of my own. Well after reading through the classifieds I saw that there were plenty of jobs available and marked a few different ads that caught my attention. The job that I most found interesting was one that involved working in a veterinarian clinic so that was the first one that I looked into. I started by calling up the veterinarian in charge of the clinic and after talking with him for awhile he told gave me the address and told me to come over to talk with him in person. The description of the duties that my job would entail sounded fine to me and the compensation was adequate so I headed over to the clinic with my hope high.
The veterinarian clinic was small, cute and situated in a nice area. The veterinarian showed me around the facility and we talked about my past experience, his ideas for what he hoped to accomplish with the animals and his style of operating. All sounded good to me and I believe he was happy with what he felt I could offer his establishment. We ended up in his office and were going over some of the finite details of the job, schedule, pay, etc… when the question came up of whether I had my own transportation or not which I didn't. Unfortunately I was relying on public transport at the time and when he heard that he regretfully informed me that the position was only open to someone with a personal vehicle. Well I ended up getting another job but it wasn't in a veterinarian clinic.

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