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I had a big question for my neighborhood Columbus Ohio veterinarian. Why do dogs bury bones? Well she explained to me that it all goes back to the time before dogs became domesticated. When dogs live in the wild they have to hunt for food and this food is what they eat and from which they feed their young. The dog or group of dogs hunt and kill an animal for food but what if the animal is too large to eat in one sitting. Well if you were to leave food out in the wild for any length of time, there are scavengers that are just waiting for someone leave a meal unprotected around. So the dogs learned to hide their food. This instinct has been passed down from generation to generation. While this is all fine and good in the wild since most dogs live in urban settings with yards or parks as their domain the habit of a dog burying its bones has become a big problem. Since most dog owners take great care in providing for their dog and doing their best to make sure that it is not hungry these multiple and unsightly buried bones cause a mess and the food inside usually doesn't even get eaten which means that it sits rotting in the ground. The Columbus Ohio veterinarian told me that in general dogs that bury bones just need more attention and love to help them overcome this habit and fortunately there are methods for helping dogs to overcome this habit if it is becoming a problem.

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