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Recently I was talking with a Denver veterinarian and she was relating an interesting case to me. A person had gone to her clinic with a problem as their guinea pigs kept disappearing.
This person had a number of guinea pigs in their house and they also had children. I think that they had gotten the guinea pigs as pets for their children to help teach them responsibility and also the importance of caring for animals.
Now the problem was that there guinea pigs kept disappearing from their cage. Now when you have children in the house they are of course the first suspects but even they will usually return the guinea pig or at least the guinea pig will turn up after awhile. The thing was that these guinea pigs were disappearing for good. They would be there one day and be gone the next. This of course caused the parents to worry that there might be dead guinea pigs around the house or that one of their kids might be killing them. The kids were understandably devastated not only because their cute little guinea pigs were going missing but also because their parents were holding them to blame.
Well in the end it turned out that the next door neighbor's dog was ultimately to blame. When the kids would take the guinea pigs out of the cage to clean it the neighbor's dog would take advantage of the situation and make off with one of the guinea pigs. Unfortunately dog made off with all of the guinea pigs before they had finally figured out the cause.

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