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We here at the veterinarian clinic in Des Moines want to help keep kids safe so we put together some information that parents can share with their kids to help keep them safe from stray or strange dogs and cats. Kids often get scared of a dog they don't know, especially if that dog is loud and doesn't have an owner nearby. Here are some tips to help them keep their cool around canines.
•Never pet or touch a strange dog, even if it runs up to you and seems like it might be friendly.
•If a dog starts running toward you, don't run. Running away can make the dog want to chase after you - even if it doesn't want to hurt you, its instincts will tell it to chase.
•If a strange dog approaches you, try to stand very still. This may be scary for a minute or 2, but often the dog will become bored and walk away. If the dog tries to sniff you, let it sniff - this is its way of checking you out.
•Walk away from a strange dog very slowly. Don't wave your arms around or make a lot of noise because these actions will only excite the dog. Look straight ahead and not into the dog's eyes.
•If you are very afraid of a strange dog or a strange dog tries to bite or attack you, tell an adult as soon as possible. He or she can find the dog's owner.
Although most kids aren't as scared of strange cats as they are of strange dogs, it's still a good idea to stay away from cats you don't know. Never pet or touch a strange cat, even if it seems friendly.
We at the Des Moines veterinarian clinic believe that you should teach your kids to save their love for their own dogs and cats.

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