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My six month old puppy and I had been making regular trips to our local Fort Worth veterinarian. The problem was that Boogie my Boxer puppy had a bad skin allergy or so I thought. His skin was all red and sensitive and it seemed that no matter what I fed him this condition just got worse. The vet tried to help my Boogie with different creams and medications but nothing seemed to help. Finally it came to light that the park where I take Boogie for his daily exercise is sprayed regularly with an insecticide that can cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin. So I started taking my dog to another park and the problem just went away. Actually it turns out that allergies are very common in dogs, and they are caused by the immune systems overreaction to certain allergens. Purebred dogs often have the most problem with allergies due to genetic predisposition to specific allergens. Some common allergens that affect dogs are flea saliva, grass and some ingredients in commercial dog food. The allergic reactions can be simply uncomfortable or can be potentially fatal. Generally the allergy symptoms are found on the skin. Irritation of the skin on the paws, ears, face, abdomen, and rectal area is one of the most typical. Some of the other symptoms are hair loss, gastrointestinal distress and hives. The most serious reactions usually are the result of insect bites and can cause a potentially fatal condition called anaphylactic shock. The swelling and blockage of the airway is another reaction to allergens that is very serious.

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