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There is a local veterinarian here in Indianapolis that has classes and workshops for people who are thinking of getting new pets. The other day I attended one of the classes about cats. The thing many people fail to realize is that cats are solitary animals. However despite this reputation as a solitary animal, the domestic cat is social enough to form colonies, and can do well with other cats in close proximity. There are some breeds that are very sociable but these breeds are exceptions. While each cat holds a distinct territory (sexually active males having the largest territories and neutered cats having the smallest) there are "neutral" areas where cats watch and greet one another without territorial conflict or aggression. Outside of these neutral areas, territory holders usually vigorously chase away strangers, at first by staring, hissing, and growling, and if that doesn't work by short but noisy and violent attacks. One of the things that can cause problems is if you have a few cats in your home and if the cats don't have enough "territory" then there can arise problems. Usually cats prefer to have their own sleeping area and unless the cats are very friendly with each other, they don't appreciate sharing this space with other cats. These classes at the Indianapolis veterinarian clinic are very good and I think that it is something that more clinics around the country should think about doing. It can be something simple and also shouldn't be very long that way even children can attend, as they are often the ones getting the new pet.

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