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Two weeks ago a teenager came into my Kansas City veterinarian with a serious problem. Their Black Labrador wouldn't stop eating animal excrement. There are some habits which dogs for all their cuteness and lovability can acquire which are truly revolting. One of these is eating their poop. Now in the wild dogs eat the intestines of their prey which are of course filled with excrement and dogs which live on farms also have been known to often eat horse manure and the like. So it seems that naturally dogs find needed nutrients in certain herbivore excrement. But why dogs revert to eating their own poop is quite an interesting question. I guess one could suppose that when a dog is faced with a lack of proper nourishment, they seek a substitute. If they cannot find the natural one due to the restricted lifestyle that most city dogs lead they seek out the next best solution that unfortunately happens to be the dog eating their poop or that of other dogs that they are around. Needless to say the habit of a dog eating their poop is very distasteful and dirty. If you notice that your dog is eating his poop you should seek help right away as once it becomes a habit it is much more difficult to deal with. Thankfully this is not one of the most common problems facing dog owners nor is it an incurable problem. In fact patience and help from another Kansas City veterinarian, who is a professional with this sort of problem, the dog was able to overcome its problem.

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