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The other day we had a person come into our Minneapolis veterinarian clinic who was having problems with his fish. It seems that some of his more aggressive fish were taking bites out of the fins and tails of his other fish. And this is a gist of the information we gave to him. If you are obtaining fish, make sure to ask the fish breeders about the different types of fish. It's convenient to ask questions like which fish can live together in the same fish tank, which ones are aggressive, predators, dominating, etc, in order to avoid the smaller ones from getting hurt or even killed. Once you have all the necessary components complete such as the fish, the fish tank, the plants and accessories, it then becomes known as an aquarium. Generally this space turns into a place that is shared by many different types of fish. It's advisable however, that the fish all be from the same geographic region or that they belong to the same species. This is something that commonly happens when the water is blurry and is low on PH, in other words, when the water becomes acidy. Usually the tail and fin of a healthy fish have filaments that are also covered or surrounded by a "cloth" that connects them. When the PH of the water is low, this "cloth" splits. The way to take care of this if it happens to your fish, is to clear the water by preparing a mix of baking soda or soda bicarbonate; put this is the aquarium with a spoon and use a PH measurer which will help you find the correct measurement. It is usually best to make a visual inspection of your fish tank at least a couple times a week so that you can be sure and spot any problems before they become too big.

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