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I got this posting about dogs and barking problems from a site of a veterinarian in Monmouth New Jersey. Most of us are not strangers to the irksome and frustrating sound of a neighbor's dog barking for hours on end. While we are thinking how wonderful it would be if our neighbors got their dogs a anti bark dog collar. What many of us fail to realize is that often our dogs do the same when we are away from them and would also do well with a anti bark dog collar. Almost all dogs that have problems with excessive barking can be put into three simple categories.
•The dog that is barking because he is all alone and desiring companionship.
•The dog that barks at people passing by, noises or visitors.
•The dog that barks because he wants your attention.
Some breeds of dogs are naturally barkers. Regardless of the breed all dogs can be taught that excessive barking is not appropriate.
Pay attention to what sets off your dog's barking episodes. Once you find the trigger or triggers that bring on his barking fits. Figure out how you can control his exposure to these. Whatever behavior is reinforced will only become stronger, both positive and negative reactions reinforce. And this is where the beauty of the anti bark dog collar comes in because it makes the dog understand that there is a consequence to his action but without you getting involved and giving attention for undesirable behavior. The anti bark collar not only helps your dog learn that excessive barking is to be avoided but also learns the difference between good barking (for protection) and bad barking (prolonged and loud). I think that the Monmouth New Jersey veterinarian's site should also talk about the dangers of using these anti bark collars as they can have adverse side affects as well.

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