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A friend sent this information about pet house insulation to my veterinarian clinic in Nashville and I thought that I would pass it on. Insulation is a thing of beauty and it should be installed in any cathouse. An insulated cat house is cost effective and a smart investment because for one thing it will dramatically improve the health and thereby the life and happiness of your cat. Almost everyone has insulation in their houses and why wouldn't you want to give that same degree of comfort and protection to your feline as well. It really isn't that costly or difficult to install or have installed by a professional. Many cat houses come with the insulation already installed. It doesn't really matter where you live. If you live in one of the northern states or if you live down south insulation is still the thing to do if you want to make sure that your cat will not be affected of any sudden extreme weather conditions that occur from time to time in any location. Any cat with an Air Conditioner/Heater connected to it should be an insulated cat house. If for example you have a cedar cathouse with a climate control system attached then insulating your cedar wood cat house will save you money because the unit won't have to work as hard and so will consume less electricity. Besides that it will lengthen the life of the AC/Heater unit. So you will save money on having to buy a new AC/Heater. For sure if you have an insulated cat house your pet's environment be more pleasant. And if you get the Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier Insulation it blocks out a remarkable 90% summer heat gain and offers an incredible 60% winter benefit. Discover the benefits for yourself today and put the Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier internal insulation into your cat house today. As a Nashville veterinarian I think that its good advice and that you should do your pets a favor and don't let winter get the better of you or them.

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