Veterinarian Nassau -Veterinary

To be a veterinarian in Nassau and open my very own clinic has always been a dream of mine. At present I am working in a veterinarian clinic that is in New York City but I would much prefer to be out in the suburbs. I was born in Nassau and have much of my family and friends living there so I would automatically have a fairly large patient base. One of my most favorite animals and the one I most like to treat are cats. Felines though independent have one weakness and that is their love of comfort. This is one of the ways that feline owners can help their cats to become more closely integrated into their home and family. If you are building a cat house then you should consider building it inside if you want your cat to consider itself a part of your home. Cats like lying around up high so if you plan on building the cat house nice and elevated, the cat will prefer it. Cats can spend hours playing with toys and the toys they most like are those that make soft interesting sounds, those that roll or move and those that they can move with their hands and then chase.
Scratching is an inborn trait and basic necessity of all felines. If you don't provide your cat with a scratching post it will use whatever it can find, and this most often is your furniture.
One very important point that all feline owners should be aware of is that since cats clean themselves by licking their coats they will ingest any substances on their fur and if you treat them for fleas (for example) with a dog's anti-flea powder you could really hurt your cat if not actually kill it.

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