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There was a workshop held in a veterinarian clinic here in New York that dealt with the issue of animal dominance. It seems that people often have problems with their dogs trying to dominate them. This can occur with both larger more aggressive breeds and smaller normally less aggressive breeds.
It is very important that from a puppy dogs are taught that they are on the bottom of the chain of command within the home. If your dog begins to think that it is over some other members of the household it can actually make for very serious problems and even potential injury. For example a dog that thinks it is higher ranking than a child can try to make it submit and this can even happen with adults.
What is important is that from the beginning dogs be shown lots of love and understanding but at the same time a steady and constant clear picture of who is in charge. The dog must understand that all the human members of the household whether the oldest members or youngest members are above it in the chain of the pecking order and that they must submit to the wishes of all others and not the other way around. There are plenty of books published on the topic of canine dominance and there are also web sites available with lots of good information.
The workshop that we held here in our New York veterinarian clinic was a real success and many people said afterwards that it was something they desperately need and that they would be sure to pass the word onto their friends so that they could attend the next workshop.

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